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Complete Guide on How to Format Your Essay Cover Page

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As a student you are aware of the fact that most assignments are written in the APA format. This also means your essay cover page should also be in format. Unlike what may students believe organizing cover page for you an essay is quite simple and it’s a process that only require a few minutes to complete. What makes a cover page for an essay very important is the fact that it is the thing first your readers see before actually reading the paper there for it needs to be impressive. In order to create that impressive cover page you will need the following for an APA format of title page.


  • The Title

This one is the vital part in the whole process. It should be aligned at the center but just mid way towards the bottom of the page. This actually signifies the complete title of the research paper dissertation or thesis.

  • The Running Head

The running head in this format is usually less than 50 words in and it represented the shorter version of the topic it is usually represented at the top part of every page.

  • Page Number

In an ideal cover page for an essay it requires that it be completed by the header function which is usually accessible in word processing papers’ for the running title it mandatory that it be removed from the page numbers by 5 or 7 places. But it will still be on every page in the entire document. It should also be properly aligned at all times for it to count.

  • Personal Details

In this process, your personal details like names must be incorporated. Your complete names, the name of the institution you are from and the date or day you submitted your work is usually written at the bottom most section of the page. They also need to be center aligned at all times. This is known as the simplest part of the title page. However, in some instances you may be needed to write the name of your supervisors as well as the paper you have done. It could be a dissertation, term paper and proposals. It is vital that you confirm with the department set standards before affecting any change.

You should not find the process of composing cover pages for essays challenging all you need to do is follow each of the above steps faithfully.