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Learn How to Start a Proper Essay Introduction

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 An essay introduction is one of the few determinants of an essay success. This is because it holds the key to the structure the entire essay will follow. Here are important tips on how to write introductions to essays that will make your readers captivated.


  • Plan to Start Writing Early

 This usually a very critical step in determining your essay introduction and it starts immediately you get the title or topic you wish to write about. Brainstorm on the topic and engage some outside media like the Internet, television and radio for more inputs. Do not be carried away by the research process on the title that you forget the relevance of the introduction on the entire essay. Get your ideas reflect on them then you can probably structure them into good essay introductions.


  • Stick to Relevant Materials

 The reason why most students fail to get it right with introductions is because they tend to collect a lot of information that they simply can't utilize in their essay introductions. The best way to go about this wastage of time and resources is to stick to information that you already know about the topic in the first place. You may actually in the process realize you have written down concepts and things that can be used to develop a spicy essay introduction.


  • Have a Purpose for Reading

 Reading should not be just reading, but for a specific reason. In this case, you will be reading for the introduction. Have some question you want answered just before you proceed with reading. Purposeful reading helps you focus on a topic pick the concepts and ideas you were looking for which you can in turn use to develop interesting essay introduction.


  • Take Notes

 A good essay introduction comes from a reader, who has the necessary resources to develop one. The first step towards actually realizing this is by developing a habit of reading and making note or simply capturing the sources. This comes in handy when developing your essay introduction considering you already have the background information and all you need to do is connect the dots when you start writing.


  • Consider Using Different Sources

In order to come up with a good essay introduction you need to first consider using different sources. This is the opposite of the common books you use to develop your introductions. Introduction for an essay should not be restricted to common sources alone. Use other sources like bibliographies in this books to increase you knowledge capacity in essay writing. However, be careful not to be carried away as some sources simply aren’t applicable and their use could negatively affect your introduction.