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How to Determine If a Writing Service Is Legit or Not

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Are essay writing services safe? This is the question that precedes the actual using of one. This type of services has gotten a lot of dirt from academicians, and it’s still the target of a rather eerie intellectual crusade; it’s no surprise then that students seek answers before going all-in. The answer, however, is somewhere in the middle. You can find a legit essay writing service but you can also come across a deceptive one. The good news is that you can tell them apart by following a few guidelines.


What Makes a Writing Service Legit?

  1. You’re not asked for upfront payment

A safe essay writing service will ask for payment after you’ve been given the paper you asked for. Scammers will keep on asking for personal information in regards to your credit card, and they may do so even when you didn’t get any results. If you fall prey to their schemes, you’ve just been taken for a fool. You’re relieved of some money, and you don’t get anything in return.


  1. Testimonials are positive

Testimonials are one of the greatest ways of telling whether a writing service is a scam or not. They offer a lot of information concerning that particular company. By reading them, you find out if they deliver quality work, if they respect the deadlines and if there are any traces of plagiarism in their papers.


  1. Originality

Genuine essay/dissertation writers know that this is what your professors will first look at in your paper. They don’t copy-paste information from obscure sources, nor do they do it in haste to just get it over with. Originality is the last thing scammers care about, and that is going to show in the testimonials. Whoever got burned once will not be burned twice.


  1. Unrealistic prices

If you’re asked for double the sum you were expecting to pay for an essay or any other kind of paper, then something’s wrong. In that case, you can do some quick research and see what price other services would as for the same paper. Using essay writing services for a long time will kind of polish this ability to know exactly how much you should be paying for a paper. In general, those services with affordable fees are the trustworthy ones. By contrast, the ones that ask for exorbitant sums are the ones you should avoid.


  1. The pricing is there for everyone to see

Services that purposefully hide their pricing usually have something else to hide. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re scammers – they may not show their prices because they vary according to the types of academic papers. But nonetheless, there should be some general info on that. For example, the cost per page.


  1. The website itself looks unprofessional

Scammers don’t take as much time as professional services to work on the design of their websites. Fake services can be easily told apart because their sites are bland or too colorful, with no attention to detail whatsoever. This is, however, relative. There are scammers that do take their time with design. They make the most tempting of websites to drag you in their trap.



The biggest problem with essay writing services is that many of them are fake and concealed scams. With all these, if you look closely at the six tell-tale signs, you’ll be able to stay in the clear zone. Word of mouth is terribly important in telling scammers apart from legit essay writing services. That’s why you should never take testimonials for granted. They can save you a ton of money.