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How does differ from other essay writing companies?

 As best paper writing service, the quality and value provided to the student means everything to us. Because of that, we pay particular attention to every assignment that has been placed on our website. Apart from providing our premium writing services at a good price, we strictly vet writers who work for us to make sure that our customers are satisfied with the work we give to them.

Is ordering a paper free on

We don’t charge you to place an order on our website. You only pay for the services offered.

How does work?

This website works easily. When you place an order on our website, our writers apply for it with their samples, quotes and academic records. You can review the writers to determine the preferred one for your assignment. The writer accepts the price and gets started with the paper writing process!

How frequently can I monitor an order that’s being worked on?

You can ask for an update about your assignment 24/7. You can also chat directly with the writer to determine progress for your paper.

What Paper formatting styles do you offer?

We offer a wide range of formatting styles for custom papers like APA, MLA, Chicago, among others. Just let us know what formatting style you’ll desire and the writers will implement.

How do I communicate with my writer?

If you’re interested in communicating with your writer, including sending materials to him/her, our system allows such communication. You can also use email for communication with customers.

FAQs (writers)

Am I permitted to speak with the writer taking care of my paper?

Yes. This is permitted keeping so long as it’s for the sake of the paper, and offering extra information that will help them write perfect papers.

 Can I get a special request to a specific writer?

 This is entirely simple and you shouldn't have any inconvenience. Our writers have their sample work distributed on our site. In the event that you have a specific writer in mind for your assignment, we make the connection possible.

 How do you ensure that your writers are highly qualified?

 Our writers are highly trained professionals who are thoroughly screened by our teams. Their work is also graded by the customers. It means that you have a say into who we keep in our database. Having the writers work their way up also ensures that we have a good team you can trust.

 FAQs (Security, Privacy and Guarantees)


Do you have a discount policy?

 Yes. The organization has a discount policy set up that is 100% useful. If this doesn’t work for any reason, reporting to our team will ensure that you’ll enjoy them whenever you need them.

 Does ensure customer privacy at all times?

 We have a very strict privacy policy that ensures that none of our customers’ data is shared with third parties. As you can see on our website, we have implemented SSL certificates to protect our customers from third party information hunters and hackers. Keep in mind we have an automatic non-disclosure agreement with our customers.

 How is your due date policy?

 We work under an exceptionally strict due date policy and you can make certain to get the paper you ordered on time.

 Could some individual tell if am using your essay writing company to write my paper?

 No one can tell that you got your paper from our team.

 Are there any additional or concealed charges from prices?

We have a straightforward charging system. What you see is what you pay.

Do you promise plagiarism free papers?

Prior to sending you your paper, we will have checked it for plagiarism. All our papers come with a 100% plagiarism free guarantee.


About us

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 Essay Company About us

 We understand the importance of essay writing services to students and believe that we are in position to help them achieve their academic goals with our services. As a company that has been in operation for a number of years, we pride ourselves as giving our customers a lot of value - for a number of years now.

  Our services have helped many students achieve academic success, that is why we take pride in our achievements. Our hope is to make more students succeed in their academics with our service range. We value education and the contribution it has on global issues and through our service, we feel a part of this change.

 Services we offer

 As stated, we are a website for essay writing. We specialize in academic essay writing services including, but not limited to custom essays, dissertations and class assignments. These services come with a guarantee of quality considering our company invests in the best writers in the world. These professionals will take your assignment and turn it into a good grade!

 Writer Qualifications

 The academic qualifications of our essay writers range from Masters to PhDs degrees. Our writers also only write in the fields they specialized in while in college. We understand the obsession clients have with quality services and you can rest assured that our company only focuses on providing that at all times to ensure you are satisfied with our services.

 EssayGradeHelp Prices

 Pricing is a very important area when it comes to essay writing services but if you believe in quality services, then EssayGradeHelp prices should be the last thing on your mind. This however, doesn’t mean our services are expensive. We only make sure you get the value for money paid to us.

 If you want an essay that will give you good grades in school, let us help you today. Contact us.


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