Intricate Role of Management

The terms “manager” and “leader” are two terms that people use them to mean the same thing, but instinctively the two terms have different meanings. The difference between the leader and manager in term of their roles, duties, qualification and experienced would be based on the data collected after interviewing head nurse and team leader (Bertocci, 2009). Besides, it will help one in choosing a career to pursue between leadership and management.

HRM-- Training and Development

 The identification of the firm’s, the department’s and individual’s requirements serves as a central part in formulating an effective training plan. With the limited budgets, as well as the need for cost-effective solutions, an organization needs to ensure that it has invested its resources wisely in the targeted areas of training where positive returns are guaranteed (Chartered Management Institute, 2006). The aim of this report was to identify the existence of performance gaps of employees at Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts. The Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts originated from the Asia as one of the leading luxury hotels and have continued to expand its operations in other parts of the world. It recently opened its operations in Toronto, where it aims at offering a 5 star experience to its guests, which is delivered with a high degree of resourcefulness, creativity, and personal commitment to service excellence as well as a sense of gracious hospitality. To realize this, the Hotels employed 220 colleagues.

History—World and Civilization

One unique characteristic of Greek civilization was the division among the people; they were divided into small groups known as polis which were headed by different political individuals. The population also had different sources of livelihood compared to the previous societies such as India and Mesopotamia; because of geographical location, the people could not do farming, and instead opted for shipping and trade.

Gilgamesh Genesis or the Odyssey

 "No man born of woman has done what you have asked; no mortal man has ever gone into the mountain." These were the words of the two half dragon half women features guarding the entrance of the mountain leading to the golden garden of the goddesses to Gilgamesh. This line simply means that Gilgamesh was asking for the impossible and at the same time seeking to enter where no man have ever dared to go. This essay will unfold the significance of these words to the entire text. Additionally, the essay also seeks to demonstrate how the line has been used to establish the central theme in the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Exploring Historical Views of Addiction

Addiction to drug and substance elicits different reactions from people both affected and concerned with its effects. The effects brought about by alcohol lead to increased study and research on the topic of alcoholism. The direct and indirect effects of alcoholism result to detrimental impact on related families and society. Scholars and researchers in the physiological and psychological disciplines engage in various activities geared towards explaining the behavioral patterns exhibited by alcoholics. The ailments that alcoholics go through necessitate treatment and preventive measure’s adoption.